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10 Best Secrets to Help You Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

2020 has been a challenging year, but it is finally coming to an end. With New Year’s Eve coming up, now is a good time to start thinking about your goals for 2021. If you’ve been trying to lose weight in Tucson and have hit a plateau, then overcoming this plateau is a great goal for the coming year. Incorporating these tips into your routine can help you overcome a weight loss plateau so you can start seeing results again!
  1. Upgrade your exercise routine. It’s normal for your metabolic rate to go down as you lose weight. That means that the exercise routine that helped you lose weight initially may no longer be helping you achieve the results you want. Try exercising more or doing a more intense form of exercise to overcome this plateau.
  1. Reduce your calorie intake. As you lose weight, your body will require fewer calories to provide you with the energy you need throughout the day. If you have stopped losing weight, consider reducing your calorie intake.
  1. Find healthy ways to deal with stress. Stress doesn’t just affect your mental wellbeing; it can also affect your physical wellbeing. Even if you’re eating right and working out regularly, stress can make it difficult for you to lose weight. Find healthy ways to deal with stress so you can keep cool and overcome your weight loss plateau.
  1. Keep track of what you consume. You might be consuming more calories than you realize, which could be the reason behind your plateau. Use your phone or a notebook to write down what you eat and drink throughout the day so you can better monitor your calorie intake.
  1. Eat more protein. Did you know that protein can help boost your metabolic rate? If you have stopped losing weight, try eating more protein and cutting back on carbs and fat. Eating more protein can also help you feel fuller longer throughout the day.
  1. Drink more water before meals. Staying hydrated is essential for staying healthy. If you drink one or two glasses of water before each meal, then you can keep your body hydrated and reduce your calorie intake at mealtime.
  1. Say “no” to that second glass of wine. It may seem harmless to have a drink or two on occasion, but alcohol consumption can have a negative effect on your weight loss efforts. A lot of alcoholic drinks contain sugar and carbs and offer no nutritional value. Cut back on alcohol or avoid it altogether to boost your weight loss efforts.
  1. Don’t focus so much on the numbers. It is frustrating to put in the work and not see the results you want, but it’s important that you are not too hard on yourself. If you’re experiencing a weight loss plateau, try not to focus so much on what the scale says. Instead, focus more on how good it makes you feel to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  1. Incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine. A lot of women are able to get over their weight loss plateaus with the help of intermittent fasting. This eating plan involves fasting for large portions of the day and only eating during certain time periods. A weight loss coach can help you learn more about this eating plan.
  1. Meet with a weight loss coach. No matter what types of diets or exercise plans you’ve tried before, you can learn how to achieve your goals moving forward with help from a weight loss coach. The team at WildBerryMD is focused on creating custom plans for each of our clients so we can help them achieve their goals.

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