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How to Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

Want to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions before the holiday season gets into full swing? Follow these healthy tips.

Get into a Healthy State of Mind Early

For many people, the holidays are about excess—sugary treats, extravagant meals, and extra spending on gifts. Instead of overdoing it for the holidays, look ahead to your long-term goals. This can keep you more grounded and mindful as you approach different holiday celebrations. You also don’t have to give up every holiday indulgence. However, when you have your long-term health and fitness goals in mind, it may be easier to stop at just one Christmas cookie or skip the seconds at the Thanksgiving table.

Follow a Strong Program

Once you’ve gotten into a goal-oriented mindset, you will want to choose a strong weight loss program that can support your New Year’s resolutions. Utilize a medical weight loss program that is customized to your needs based on your body composition analysis and personal health history. For example, you may choose a medical intermittent fasting program, which places few restrictions on what you eat. Instead, it limits when you can eat, so you fast for a large portion of the day (typically 16 hours). This might make it easier to face holiday meals and still enjoy your seasonal favorites while losing weight before the New Year.

Reach Out for Support

One of the biggest temptations for delaying weight loss goals until the New Year is the pressure that family and friends may place on you to overindulge during the holidays. To curb this pressure, sit down with family members and friends ahead of holiday meals and remind them that you are working to improve your health and enjoying the holidays how you want to (even if that means building a more sensible dinner plate and skipping some desserts and other treats). When you reach out for support in this way, you aren’t as likely to hear comments like “Have a second helping, it’s Thanksgiving!” or “Are you sure you don’t want a slice of pie?”.

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