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Top Tips for Losing Weight with a Slow Metabolism

Having a hard time losing weight? If you have a slow metabolism, then it can feel almost impossible to lose weight and even harder to keep it off. Luckily, there are a few steps you can follow to kickstart your weight loss efforts so you can start shedding pounds while also improving your slow metabolism:


Understand the Causes of a Slow Metabolism
You probably think primarily of weight when you hear the word “metabolism,” but did you know that this term refers to all of the processes the body needs in order to stay alive? Your metabolism is definitely linked to weight, though, as it is how your body converts food into energy. There are a variety of factors that influence your metabolism and can affect how it works throughout your lifetime. Genes play an important role in determining how your metabolism works. Hormones can also play a role in how quickly your body converts food into energy, which is why it is normal for the metabolism to slow down as we get older. That means issues with your thyroid can also impact your metabolism. Poor sleep habits and dehydration can also slow down the metabolism as they make it harder for the body to use energy efficiently.  

Cut Back on Calories
No matter how fast or slow your metabolism is, consuming fewer calories can help you get rid of those pounds and maintain a healthier weight. Keep track of what you currently eat each day and count how many calories you are consuming. If you are consuming more calories than you are burning, consider cutting back on your daily caloric intake by choosing healthier foods and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  

Try Intermittent Fasting
One great way to boost your metabolism is to practice intermittent fasting. With this type of fasting, you will only eat during a certain time period and fast during the rest of the day. Intermittent fasting is especially helpful for people who tend to snack when they are bored and end up overeating as a result.  

Move After Each Meal
It may feel nice to sit back and relax after eating a meal, but it is important to get active during this time. You can go for a short walk, dance to your favorite songs, or do a few squats and pushups in your home. This will help make sure the food you just ate goes to your muscles instead of turning into fat.  

Create a Schedule
Staying organized can help keep you on track when it comes to losing weight, even if you are dealing with a slow metabolism. At the start of the week, create a schedule that includes preparing your food, when you will eat, and when you will exercise. Creating a schedule makes it easier to hold yourself accountable.  

Build Your Muscles
Cardio is not the only type of exercise that can help you lose weight. Building your muscle mass can also help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Increasing your muscle mass can help speed up your metabolism, meaning you will burn more calories, even while you’re resting.  

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