Understanding Food Addiction

You have likely heard of drug and alcohol addiction, but what about food addiction? We all need food to survive and it is important to enjoy what we eat—but for some people, eating is more of an addiction and less of a basic function. Keep reading for a closer look at food addiction and how people can overcome this condition.

What is food addiction?

Addiction occurs when the body becomes chemically dependent on a certain substance. Because of this, the body needs access to this substance in order for the person to feel like they are functioning properly. While everyone needs food in order to function properly and stay healthy, some people become dependent on certain foods or specific—and usually unhealthy—eating patterns. People with food addictions commonly seek out foods that are high in sugar, fat, salt, and/or flour. They might also engage in binging, purging, and other disordered eating behaviors.

What are the signs of food addiction?

If you think you might have a food addiction, you’re not alone. Approximately 19.9% of North Americans and Europeans have a potential food addiction, according to a recent study. One of the most common signs of this condition is regularly craving a specific food—even if you just finished eating. Other signs include overeating and feeling guilty after eating a certain food. Food addiction might also make people feel like they have to hide their eating habits from others.

How can you overcome food addiction?

It can be difficult to handle addiction on your own, which is why it is important to find a medical professional to help you with your addiction. Together, you two can discuss your condition and find a treatment plan to help you overcome it. This can include avoiding the addictive food and using medical tools to improve your health and fitness.

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