5 Changes I Made To Lose 25lbs and Keep the Weight Off

Losing weight can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. With a few helpful tips, you can get started on your journey today. I’m Samreen Khan and this is my personal weight loss story.

1) I stopped being obsessed with my body and relying on extreme dieting.

To lose weight, I counted my macros and followed healthy portion control at least 80-90 percent of the time. I stopped comparing my body weight and image to others and started celebrating my successes, even if it was maintaining weight over a few months. I only weighed myself once a month and evaluated my wins and challenges and made bite-sized improvements to transform myself into a healthier version of me. Research shows that changing your lifestyle is how you can completely transform your health. There’s no quick fix or fad diet that leads to sustainable health and weight loss. Only a true lifestyle change combined with safe and effective products can help you achieve your goals. Changing your mentality can change your life.  

2) I stopped snacking on processed foods.

I cut out processed foods and cleaned out my pantry, freezer, and fridge of any foods, drinks, and snacks that were high in sugar. I replaced these with healthy snacks such as fresh vegetables, berries, apples, Greek yogurt, boiled eggs, turkey slices, healthy protein bars, raw nuts, chia seeds, coconut water, and lots of Metagenics shakes. If I had a craving once in a while, I would eat my ice cream or chocolate, but made sure not to overindulge, as yo-yo dieting gets harder as we age. I also started valuing the quality of the snacks and foods that go into my body. I focused on buying meats, fruits, and vegetables that are organic as much as possible and focused on quality of food rather than quantity. Research shows that reducing processed foods and choosing organic, high quality meats, eggs, fruits, and vegetables can reduce pesticides and harmful steroids and hormones going into our bodies.  

3) I started setting a routine for reasonable workouts.

My new routine included reasonable workouts such as walking, Pilates, cycling, swimming, and yoga. I aimed to start with just 15 minutes every day no matter what. It was a small commitment that led to gaining strength, enjoying my workouts, and feeling good. I slowly built up to an hour a day and incorporated it as part of my lifestyle. I focused what I could do with my schedule of working and chores. I began working out at home, then I started doing special group classes. I didn’t set unrealistic expectations and really focused on enjoying my activity, but staying consistent throughout the week. Sometimes I will just dance for exercise or walk in front of my TV while watching my favorite show; it doesn’t have to be hard, just fun and practical.  

4)  I got help from experts.

I used professional help as needed with different weight loss products offered here at WildBerryMD, including a 10-day detox, HCG plan, Paleo diet, gut health diet, and fat burner/B12 injections. Recently, I have used Semaglutide to lose vacation or stress weight gain. I have learned that no matter what medical weight loss plan we choose, we need to make it sustainable, enjoyable, and practical to meet our wellness needs.  

5) I learned to manage my hypothyroidism.

I have hypothyroidism, so I focused on managing my thyroid with an anti-inflammatory diet, making my gut healthier, and following a natural thyroid management protocol including compounded medications for thyroid management, medical-grade probiotics, and enzymes for gut health. Ultimately, I learned to respect my body and mind more, to pay more attention to my mental health, and to make my self-care a priority.  

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