HCG Injections

What is HCG?

HCG, more formally known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a female hormone that comes from the placenta during a woman’s pregnancy. It’s what stabilizes a woman’s metabolism while she’s carrying a child. It’s also the main component of HCG diet injections.

What Are HCG Diet Injections?

These injections use the HCG hormone to enable you to go on a calorie deficit diet without experiencing feelings of severe hunger for many people. The HCG diet injections also deter you from losing muscle while you diet by elevating hormone levels in your body to counteract any muscle breakdown.This diet will also help you metabolize unneeded fat in your body, which will help you lose weight quickly.

How Do These Injections Work?

Are you wondering how HCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy to nourish the developing baby, can help with weight loss? Well, this hormone helps stimulate a pregnant woman’s body to use any fat stores to provide nutrition to the developing baby when her food intake is sufficient. HCG diet injections mimic this bodily response in people who are adhering to a low-calorie diet and supplements their dietary intake. These diet injections are administered on a daily basis during a low-calorie intake period. This program works best if you restrict your diet to 800 calories per day. The diet includes small servings of protein, fruit, and vegetables. If you take the HCG diet injections and follow the diet plan, you can expect to have accelerated weight loss and lose up to 20 lbs in your first month.

Frequently Asked Questions About the HCG Diet

Interested in the HCG diet but need more information? Here are three frequently asked questions you should know about this diet option.

Is it Safe?

Yes! This diet is safe because the weight loss is usually from fat tissue and not lean muscle. This means you’ll only lose unhealthy fat without losing much-needed muscle, vitamins, or minerals. People with certain medical conditions should not be following an HCG injection diet. At WildBerryMD in Tucson, we will evaluate if you are a candidate for this HCG injection program during your body composition analysis and lifestyle analysis.

Will I Be Hungry if I Only Eat 800-1000 Calories?

Most people report mild hunger during the first few days of the diet. But once your body adjusts your metabolic rate, you get quite used to the smaller servings. This means you’ll feel full and happy only eating 800 to 1000 calories depending on you Basal Metabolic Rate. At WildBerryMD in Tucson, we do not offer the 500 calorie diet for HCG. Based on our extensive experience and results from patients, we have found that HCG injections help with rapid weight loss in the first 6 to 12 weeks and reducing your calorie intake to 500 calorie can be detrimental to your metabolism and health. We offer many weight loss and lifestyle programs to help you continue losing weight after the initial HCG diet injections. We are upfront about the benefits of HCG injections for weight loss. Not following a well designed lifestyle plan after completing HCG injections can result in weight gain. We also offer Natural HCG drops that allow for rapid weight loss and can achieve similar results as HCG injections for many individuals.

Is the Injection Process Painful and Are There Any Side Effects?

The injection process is done with a fine needle and is relatively painless. People rarely report side effects while using HCG diet shots. The HCG injections are self administered at the convenience of your home and proper training is provided.

Are You Ready for the HCG Diet Injections?

Have you been trying (and failing) to lose stubborn body fat? Do you want to lose weight to feel better and kickstart your program? If so, the HCG diet may be the best option for you! Still have questions about the HCG diet and injections? Contact us to learn more about this diet and if it’s the best weight loss option for you!