Weight Loss

Choosing the Weight Loss Diet that’s Right for You

Are you constantly trying new diets, but still not losing weight? The problem is that most diets aren’t personalized for each individual’s thyroid, adrenals, or other hormone-related health conditions. Keep reading to learn how WildBerryMD can help you choose the right diet, reach your weight loss goals, and become a healthier and happier you!

We Take Multiple Steps to Determine the Best Diet for You

Our team will listen to your weight loss concerns and goals, then ask you several questions to better understand which diet is best for you. These questions include:

  • Do you crave sweets, carbs, and/or salty foods?
  • Do you easily gain weight in your stomach?
  • Do you have low energy early morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or all day long?
  • Do you lack the energy and motivation to exercise?
  • Do you find it challenging to lose weight?
  • Do you experience digestive problems such as bloating?
  • Are you premenopausal, menopausal, or do you have PCOS? (This applies to women only)
  • Are you losing muscle mass?

Different Factors Cause Weight Gain

Eating unhealthy snacks and skipping the gym can cause weight gain, but those aren’t the only factors at play. Here are some other reasons you might be gaining weight:
High Cortisol – When you’re stressed out, your body produces more cortisol. High levels of cortisol lead to hunger, cravings, and fatigue.
Low Testosterone – As men age, their testosterone levels decrease and they can lose muscle mass. Testosterone therapy helps balance the hormones and reduce the chances of weight gain.
Unoptimized Thyroid – The thyroid produces important hormones that your body needs, but if your thyroid is making too much or too little of a certain hormone, it can cause weight gain.
Insulin Resistance – If you have insulin resistance, there is excessive insulin and blood sugar in your blood stream. Not only does this leave you feeling constantly hungry, it also sends signals to your body to store the excess blood sugar as fat, typically in the midsection.
Menopause, Perimenopause, and PCOS – These can result in weight gain, fatigue, mood changes, and anxiety in women.

Our Diets are Customized for Your Unique Weight Loss Goals
Many weight loss diets don’t work because they aren’t designed for your body. This means they aren’t customized for your specific age or the condition of your gut, adrenals, thyroid, and hormones. We do things differently at WildBerryMD to help our patients see results. Our wellness experts can come up with a personalized diet for you that addresses your cravings, hormones, hunger and energy levels, and gut health.

Our Top 5 Programs for Weight Loss
We offer a wide range of programs to help people control hunger, lose fat, and reduce inflammation. Here are our 5 most popular weight loss programs:
  1. Prescription Appetite Suppressants
  2. Slim Shot Weight Loss
  3. Fat Burner/B12 Injections
  4. Stubborn Fat Peptides (AOD)
  5. Natural HCG

Are you ready to start shedding weight with a personalized diet plan? Let the weight loss doctors and coaches at WildBerryMD help you lose weight and feel your best. Our team can help you pick the best diet for your unique health situation so you’re better able to reach your weight loss goals. To learn more, call us at (520) 762-1557 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!