Getting Maximum Weight Loss Success With Semaglutide

For those on a weight loss journey or looking to prevent diabetes, semaglutide could be the boost they’ve been searching for. This medication, primarily prescribed for blood sugar regulation, has shown promising results in weight management. However, like all weight loss strategies, there are ways to maximize your results and get the best possible outcome. Our medical weight loss experts at WildBerryMD are here to share their top tips for maximizing your weight loss success with semaglutide.  

Eating Right With Semaglutide

If you’re trying semaglutide, try the following foods:  
  • Vegetables: Loaded with fiber and essential nutrients, veggies are a must-have for anyone on a weight loss journey.
  • Lean Protein: Think fish, chicken, tofu, and legumes. They help keep you full and build muscle.
  • 1-2 Fresh Fruits Daily: While fruits have natural sugars, they also pack vital nutrients and fiber.
  • Whole Grains: Opt for brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain bread.
  On the flip side, there are some foods you should probably try to avoid on semaglutide. They include:  
  • Greasy, Fatty, or Fried Foods: These can cause digestive issues and are often responsible for blood sugar spikes.
  • Processed Carbs: White bread, pastries, and sugary cereals are a no-go – they cause your blood sugar to spike and crash.
  • Dairy Products like Cheese: Excess cheese and full-fat dairy can upset your stomach and slow digestion.
  • Sugary Drinks: This includes sodas, sweetened lattes, and excessive alcohol.

Exercising With Semaglutide

  • Walking: Arguably the most underrated exercise, walking daily can do wonders. Not only does it aid weight loss, but it also helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels have been linked to obesity.
  • Strength Training, Yoga, or Pilates: Try these activities a few times a week to help build lean muscle and burn fat.
  • Cardio: Incorporate exercises like swimming, elliptical, jogging, and cycling. These will help boost your metabolism and work in tandem with semaglutide for weight loss.

Boosting Your Weight Loss Journey With Supplements

When it comes to enhancing the effects of semaglutide, Thyrosol® is a popular choice. This vitamin supplement is designed to support the thyroid naturally. Plus, Thyrosol® offers added support against stress-related fatigue, which is a common issue reported by patients trying to lose weight. For those interested, Thyrosol® capsules are available at our certified Metagenics store.  

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey in Tucson Today

Semaglutide is a breakthrough in weight loss and diabetes prevention. However, maximizing its potential requires an integrated approach of a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and for some, even right supplements. At WildBerryMD, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive path for your weight loss journey, and every step is grounded in expert advice and proven research. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!