Lifestyle Change

Trying to lose weight? The WildBerry weight loss roadmap might be the perfect tool for you!

The Weight Loss Roadmap is the last diet you’ll ever need. Why? Because this is not a “diet” in the way you think of diets. Losing weight and getting to the healthy size and shape that your body is meant to be at, is not about a diet. It’s about a lifestyle change. This roadmap is your complete guide to losing weight and keeping it off, for life.

About the Roadmap

We want to share a secret with you. The key to reaching your healthiest weight is not about trying to lose weight! You – or someone you know – have probably completed a weight loss program or diet before, and lost dozens of pounds, only to gain back some (or all) of those pounds later. Or maybe you failed to lose the weight or even start your program in the first place because it seemed too hard. You’re not alone and it’s not your fault!

The reason people often don’t succeed with weight loss is pretty simple. Most programs focus ONLY on weight loss. Diets like the South Beach (Diet), The Atkins (Diet), The Ketogenic (Diet) and so on have been a great start for millions of people. But then what?

The goal of diet programs is for you to succeed in losing weight. And many of them work . . . at first. But they usually don’t help you with what really matters: the rest of your life. The primary focus on losing weight is misplaced and that’s why so many times, it doesn’t work in the long run, because something is always missing.

What IS that missing piece? Well, quite simply, the support and the skills you need after the diet phase, so you can stick to a plan that works for your lifestyle. And a lasting understanding of how easy it is to switch to healthy living habits, in a practical and joyous way, every day for the rest of your life.

The Weight Loss Roadmap is different because it’s not a diet. Instead, this 12-week program is actually part of a lifestyle rejuvenation that takes you through 5 simple phases, each of which are key to a lifetime journey towards your optimal weight and more importantly, your optimal wellness. And we promise, we won’t forget the final and most important phase that we call “Healthy For Life.”

We call the program the Weight Loss “Roadmap” because like any journey, there are many steps to the destination and each step is a foundational part that leads to that destination. And since each step of the journey is just as important as the end goal, we want to make sure we help you navigate every step. We’re here for you the whole time to light the way and guide you, like signposts on the road.

Let’s get started!

Let’s talk about the process

There are 5 components to this program.

  • Phase 1 – Clean Out and Get Ready for Success (Week 1) During the first phase which lasts only 7 days, you’ll learn the basics of how the plan works and start throwing out the bad stuff including refrigerator and pantry items. Week one is ALL about getting you educated and prepared for the other 4 phases.
  • Phase 2 – Eliminate (Weeks 2-5) The elimination phase will walk you through eliminating some foods which cause inflammation – sugar, unhealthy fats, dairy, wheat, gluten, unhealthy grains, soy, corn, peanuts and alcohol. Phase 2 will consist of three meals per day, one being shake or smoothie.
  • Phase 3 – Reintroduce (Week 6) During the reintroduction phase, we will reintroduce full-fat yogurts and cheeses, raw, organic milk, whole grains (including whole wheat) and certain alcohol. We’ll help you understand what it looks like to consume these foods in moderation.
  • Phase 4 – Transition and Exercise (Weeks 7-10) After your elimination and reintroduction phases, you’re going to have a little more fun, prepping for the final phase and adding in some physical activity. Phase 4 will incorporate all of the principles from the previous phases and teach you how to move into a Lifestyle-Based way of eating. You’ll learn about exercise, including weight training and what workouts optimize your healthy weight during the last half of your program.
  • Phase 5 – Healthy Lifestyle for Life (Weeks 11, 12 and beyond) So what does this journey look like for the rest of your life? It looks like simplicity, power, moderation, saying “no” sometimes but also saying “yes” and feeling free either way.