Medical Weight Loss in a Bag

Keto Diet

Lose weight and feel healthier with our amazing ketogenic diet! What is a keto diet?

A ketogenic diet(or keto for short) is a low-carb diet that promotes the production of ketone bodies through fat loss putting you in a state of ketosis. Once you enter ketosis, the ketone bodies within your body can be measured through blood and urine so we can ensure that you are in a state of ketosis.

Our Unique Program Includes:

  1. Medical Keto Diet Plan
  2. Fat burner and B12 injections
  3. Keto meal replacements and supplements

Set yourself up for success!

Benefits of a Keto Diet

  • Mental focus: When you’re on a keto diet, your brain utilizes ketone bodies over glucose for fuel which can encourage nerve growth and the creation of synaptic connections between brain cells.
  • Blood Sugar Management: Studies have shown that low carb diets support insulin metabolism within the body. This happens because the lack of carbs in the diet promotes a more balanced glucose level through the breakdown of fats and proteins.
  • Weight Loss: Because the keto diet puts you in a caloric deficit, your body relies on burning fat for fuel. Additionally, a keto diet can suppress your appetite and reduce cravings.
  • Increased Energy: Carbs can only supply your energy with so much energy, but when you’re in a state of ketosis, your body relies on fat instead of carbs as an energy source supplying your brain and your body with a consistent energy source.
  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health: Keto diets have been shown to support blood lipid and fatty acid metabolism.