Breaking The Code For Weight Loss: Explore The Root Cause Of Your Weight Gain: Change your Mind and Change your Body Paperback




So, your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight, eat right, and exercise without specific tools. It’s frustrating how you’ve tried almost every diet online but still can’t shed the weight!

Would you like to get your hands on a valuable book that will help you explore the root cause of your weight gain and not just a quick fix? Do you want to avoid chronic diseases, age well, and have a healthy retirement? Good news, you’ve found the perfect book!

It’s a fact: about 90% of people who lose a lot of weight eventually regain just about all of it. Not only does this emphasize the need to become aware of your body’s functional imbalance, but it also proves that the most effective way to lose weight is by focusing on its mechanics, what it’s lacking, and specific areas that you need to work on.

Breaking The Code for Weight Loss is not just a book about how to shed body fat. It’s a comprehensive guide that will empower you with tools that promote healthy aging while also living disease-free! Inside Breaking The Code for Weight Loss, you’ll discover:

  • A detailed analysis of hormonal imbalance, the importance of nutrients and your gut health, and how they affect weight loss
  • How to optimize your thyroid functions
  • Effective ways to manage stress, adrenal fatigue, and insomnia
  • Fun and easy physical activities you can start doing today to transform your mind, body, and attitude
  • Over 50 delicious anti-inflammatory recipes for weight loss
  • How happiness, spirituality, and self-care can help you lose weight
  • Inspirational testimonials from patients that will push you to believe in your weight loss journey
  • A three-step strategy that will introduce you to functional foods and healthy habits for improved well-being

You’re about to wake up in the body of your dreams! No more worrying about ineffective diet plans, regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose, or struggling with chronic diseases! This is the only book that will uncover all the secrets you’ve been yearning to know.

Are you ready to age well, improve your health, and achieve your weight loss goals? Then read Breaking The Code for Weight Loss now!