Weight Loss

Eating While Traveling

Try to eat moderate amounts of healthy, well-balanced foods.

  1. Skip the appetizer and order a healthy entree with two sides of vegetables. Choose restaurants that offer foods prepared ‘fresh’ (not canned or frozen). It will surely taste better and be better for you.
  2. Examples of healthy entrees include the following: Grilled shrimp or fish on a salad with the dressing on the side. (12 large shrimp are only 90 calories); grilled or baked fish with a side of vegetables; an egg-white vegetable omelet with light toast and jelly.
  3. Select fresh fruit instead of a high-fat, calorie-packed dessert.
  4. keep it simple. As a general rule choose plain, wholesome and fresh foods.
  5. Eat foods that are baked, broiled, poached, sautéed or roasted; be sure to avoid fried foods, creamy sauces and creamed soups.
  6. Skip the ‘seconds’. Get up and go for a walk on the town or the hotel treadmill instead.
  7. Finally, If you must eat fast food, always ask to see the restaurants nutrition menu first; try to eat the new low-calorie, low-fat options that are available in most fast food restaurants.

Bring food along for the ride

If you are traveling by car, bring a cooler packed with a few nutritious meals and snacks.
  1. You can always replenish your supplies by going to the local supermarket as you travel. Try to stay in a hotel room that has a small refrigerator.
  2. You could also bring along WildBerryMD protein-bars or shakes to be used as meal replacements when you are on the road.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, follow these guidelines; not only will you be traveling lighter, you’ll be feeling happier and healthier too.