Weight Loss

Keeping Your Weight Loss Goals During the Holidays

Studies have shown that the holiday season can lead to an average weight gain of one to two pounds for many people. While this may not sound like much, research indicates that this additional weight often isn’t shed in the new year, contributing to gradual year-over-year weight gain. Beyond the numbers on the scale, this seasonal weight gain can disrupt gut health, which is closely linked to our mental well-being and motivation.   At WildBerryMD, we understand the challenges the holiday season poses to your weight loss goals. That’s why we’re here to share scientifically-backed strategies and resources to help you stay on track and still enjoy yourself.  

Mindful Indulgence

Research has found that individuals who practice mindful eating during the holidays can effectively maintain their weight. So go ahead and savor that slice of pie, but do it mindfully. Enjoy each bite and remember that moderation is key. You can also create your own healthy dessert options – our team can help you find choices that work for your taste buds and your weight loss goals.  

Homemade Meals

The holidays are a time to gather around the table, not the takeout menus. Embrace homemade meals, which allow you to control ingredients, portions, and cooking methods. Home-cooked meals tend to correlate with better diet quality and lower obesity rates.  

Keep Moving

Don’t let the cold weather keep you sedentary. A brisk walk with family or a post-meal dance-off can keep your metabolism fired up. If you’re facing a busy schedule, try fitting in your exercise in segments – 50 minutes divided into two 25-minute sessions is better than forgoing your exercise altogether.  

Plan Your Plate

WildBerryMD’s meal plans are your holiday secret weapon. Crafted to be delicious and satisfying, they prevent the common pitfall of overindulging in high-calorie foods by ensuring you’re nourished with balanced, nutrient-rich meals.  

Game-changing Medications

While there’s no substitute for good habits, our semaglutide, tirzepatide, and Fatburner/B12 injections can assist in maintaining your momentum. These medical interventions, under our professional guidance, can complement your lifestyle changes and make it easier to achieve your goals.  

Drink Wisely

Liquid calories from lattes, sugary drinks, and alcohol can be deceptive. Reducing these can significantly impact your calorie intake. Choose herbal teas or infused waters, and remember to enjoy alcoholic beverages in moderation.  

Keep Your Weight Loss Goals This Holiday Season at WildBerryMD

At WildBerryMD, we’re here to help you achieve your weight loss goals, even during the holidays. Remember, a happy gut promotes a happy brain, which leads to happy health. With us, you can stay motivated, stay on track, and most importantly, enjoy the season with your loved ones. If you’re ready to get started, contact our team at WildBerryMD today to schedule your consultation.