The Best Vitamins for Immunity by Metagenics

You have a busy lifestyle. Trying to include work, play, and spending time with friends and family are all important, but the balancing act can take a toll on your immune system. Plus, in winter, cold and flu season is in full swing, as well as the continuing risk of COVID-19. In order to keep your immune system as strong as possible, it’s important to give your body the right vitamins and minerals. With Metagenics vitamins, you have the power to do just that. These medical-grade vitamins are crafted with the highest standards, ensuring you get only the best for your health.

Immune Active

Immune Active from Metagenics is your one-stop shop for immune health. With high-potency vitamin C, zinc, and other powerful ingredients like quercetin, N-acetylcysteine, and EGCG, this vitamin supports your immune system. It also works to promote antioxidant processes and protect you from free radicals. This vitamin is great for those seeking additional immune support in their daily regimen.

Immune Booster

The UltraFlora® Immune Booster from Metagenics is another powerful tool in your immune system’s arsenal. With a blend of 100% pure strains of “friendly” bacteria, Lpa 8700:2 and Lp Heal9, this supplement is specifically designed to boost the functioning of the nasal cavity, sinuses, and respiratory system. It’s crafted with high-quality ingredients for maximum efficacy and is perfect if you’re looking to enhance your respiratory wellness.

Ultra Potent C

Vitamin C is one of the best supplements you can take to support your immune health. The Ultra-Potent C from Metagenics offers a highly effective form of Vitamin C that is easy on the stomach (research has shown that some vitamin C supplements can cause stomach troubles). You get the full power of our pure vitamin C without the stomach upset associated with other vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin D

The D3 1000 supplement from Metagenics provides a highly absorbable form of Vitamin D that is high-potency. This vitamin supports bone health and immune function, as well as the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.  

The Metagenics Promise

Every product in the Metagenics range is:  
  • Free from harmful additives and contaminants
  • Produced in compliance with the strictest manufacturing standards
  • Tested rigorously to ensure purity and potency

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Start Your Journey Towards Better Health & Immunity With Metagenics Vitamins

Choosing Metagenics vitamins means choosing a lifestyle of health and vitality. Whether it’s fortifying your immune system, enhancing respiratory health, or ensuring daily wellness, our products are here to support you every step of the way. Shop now or contact our medical weight loss team at WildBerryMD today to learn how these supplements can help boost your health.