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6 Easy Ways to Lost Weight This Fall

As the seasons change into fall, you may be feeling like your weight loss goals are harder to hit than ever. Heavy holiday foods, baggy clothes, and shorter days can all seem like barriers that you just can’t get past. The truth is fall is the best time for you to lose weight! Read on to learn how you can slim down this fall.  

1 – Spend Time Outside

As the temperature drops from the sweltering summer heat to something a bit more manageable, getting outdoor exercise becomes easier. Use this opportunity to go for more walks and eventually work your way up to a jog. Not sure that jogging is for you? Then try out other activities like apple picking or raking leaves. No matter what is, as long as you’re outside and burning some calories, you’re sure to feel great!  

2- Get Plenty of Sleep

As the season changes from summer to fall, the days start to get shorter. May see this as a bad thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this opportunity to get more rest. Adults who get adequate sleep will find it easier to shed some weight. As the days get shorter, start winding down earlier and boost up your sleep.  

3 – Eat Healthy Fall Foods

If you saw our previous newsletter, then you know that fall foods can be great to help you lose weight without sacrificing the flavors you love. Check out our blog here to learn how you can lose weight with the great fruits and veggies being harvested this fall.  

4 – Discover the Power of Structure

Sometimes during summer, we can lose track of our structure. Spontaneous picnics and barbecues can lead to the end of your diet. Get back into a structured schedule for meals and gain you power back. Try making a list on Sundays of all your meals for the week and head to the store to pick up everything you need.  

5 – Stay Wary of Your Clothes

Colder weather can often have us reaching for the sweatpants and oversized jackets. Avoid the baggy clothes this fall. Elastic waist bands might have you feeling like you can reach for the second piece of pie, but you don’t want to lose your progress. Wear clothes that fit your frame to look good, feel good, and show off your weight loss progress.  

6 – Weigh Yourself Regularly

Stepping on the scale regularly is a great way to track your weight loss and stick to your plan. Just because fall is here, don’t use that as an excuse to skip the scale. Find a method of tracking that works for you, whether that’s a calendar, spreadsheet, or something else. Just remember, the number on the scale isn’t everything. You can do everything right and see no change or even an increase. Weight loss takes time and there are many factors to be considered.  

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