Weight Loss

How HCG Works for Weight Loss

The HCG diet is a program that can support weight loss of up to 15 pounds per month. It is a popular option for those seeking dramatic weight loss here at WildBerryMD. But how does it really work? And how do you maintain the results? Continue reading to find out.

Caloric Restriction with Added Support

With our HCG plan, you will consume about 700-900 calories per day. However, you will not feel hungry or fatigued, because your body will be burning its own fat to supplement calories absent from your diet. That’s because HCG—a hormone naturally produced in women’s body’s during pregnancy—tells your body to start burning fat stores when you consume fewer calories than you use in a day. In addition, HCG may be paired with appetite suppressants that help you stick to your low-calorie diet protocol. HCG weight loss is safe and effective for both men and women.

Targeted Fat Loss

One of the distinctive benefits of HCG for weight loss is that HCG helps the body target fat loss specifically. Thus, you won’t lose as much muscle mass as you might with other diet programs. Most of the weight loss you see on the scale translates to fat loss.

Post Weight Loss Maintenance

With the HCG program, you will go through cyclical phases in the diet to continue to see positive results on the scale. Once you reach your goal weight, you will follow a diet plan that limits sugars and simple carbohydrates, such as white bread.

To kickstart your weight loss in the New Year, visit WildBerryMD for your personalized consultation. All HCG programs are administered under the supervision of our physician, Dr. Azam. Additionally, we are offering free initial consultations. So, give us a call today at (520) 762-1557 to book your appointment and see what medical grade HCG and appetite suppressants can do for you.