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What Causes Food Cravings? (And What Can You Do About Them?)

One of the biggest challenges that might come up in your weight loss journey is food cravings. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to crave healthy foods like veggies and whole grains. Instead, cravings often occur for sugary foods, high fat snacks, and other processed junk foods. However, you don’t have to give in to your cravings. In fact, you will feel much fuller and more satisfied when you follow our guidelines for busting common food cravings.

Hormones and Food Cravings

Hormonal imbalances are often linked to food cravings and nutritional deficiencies. To understand if this is an underlying cause of your cravings, you can visit WildBerryMD for complete blood work and a body composition analysis.


It’s not uncommon to mistake thirst for hunger, as they cause a similar response in the brain. So, when you feel the onset of a craving, reach for a glass of water before a snack.


Stress and emotional eating can play a big role in the onset of food cravings. For example, a stressful day at work may cause you to crave heavy comfort foods for dinner. Finding stress relief strategies that aren’t related to food, such as meditation or therapeutic breathing, can help you take more control over your cravings. Getting more sleep can also help.

Poor Diet

Finally, if your body is accustomed to eating high-fat, high-sugar processed foods, then those are the types of foods you’re likely to crave. However, when you change your diet to include more fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins, your body will detox, and you’ll start to crave healthier foods. Even when indulging in moderation, you’ll find yourself wanting more wholesome foods as you cut processed foods and high carbohydrate foods out of your daily diet.

If you want to get back in the driver’s seat with your eating habits, WildBerryMD can help. With programs like the HCG plan paired with intermittent fasting as well as prescription appetite suppressants, we can help you overcome the challenges that have stopped you from losing weight in the past. Get started now by calling (520) 762-1557.