Managing Healthy Eating During Thanksgiving

The American Council on Fitness estimates that the average person eats about 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving. That’s a staggering number of calories for a single day. Even more surprising is that most are eaten in just one meal. However, you don’t have to completely exclude yourself from your favorite Thanksgiving foods to reign in your calorie count for the day.

You can feel good about what you eat this Thanksgiving. First remember that it’s not too late to start a weight loss program. One that may be easiest to follow during the holidays is intermittent fasting paired with fat burner injections. A medical intermittent fasting program will allow you a little more freedom in what you eat. You will spend about 16 hours of each day fasting. This, in turn, can ramp up your metabolism and help keep your appetite in check, just in time for the holidays. Even if you don’t get started on a new weight loss program before Turkey Day, you can use the following tips to manage healthy eating for the holiday.

Limit yourself to one plate.

Thanksgiving foods aren’t necessarily the healthiest dishes. Many are loaded with fats and added sugars. Yet, much of the caloric intake on Thanksgiving is racked up by the large quantities in which these heavy dishes are enjoyed. So, simply scaling back your portion size can go a long way in managing healthy eating on Thanksgiving and much easier on your waistline. When you build your Thanksgiving dinner plate, stick to just one plate. In other words, don’t plan to go back for seconds. Skip extras like bread and butter and load up on those side dishes that are heavier in veggies than butter and cream. For sides like stuffing and mashed potatoes, have just a modest serving that doesn’t take up much room on your plate. Choose white meat over dark and try just a bite of your favorite desserts rather than whole serving.

It’s also helpful to skip the pre-dinner snacking. Often, there will be a selection of appetizers and treats to enjoy before dinner even starts. Avoid the temptation by sticking with the veggie tray or planning a non-food related activity before dinner.

Fit in some physical activity before dinner.

This Thanksgiving may be a great time to introduce a healthy new family tradition: pre-meal exercise. Take a walk to a nearby park, organize a backyard football game, or sign up for a Thanksgiving 5K. Anything that gets you up and moving will help you burn some calories and keep the snack table out of your mind until dinnertime.

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