Semaglutide Weight Loss

Practicing Healthy Lifestyle Changes After Losing Weight on Semaglutide or Tirzepatide

What Are Semaglutide and Tirzepatide

Semaglutide (GLP-1) is a GLP-1 peptide that can help you lose weight. It does so by sending signals in the body to control appetite and cravings, suppressing the hormone responsible for hunger, and helping with metabolic function.    Similarly, Tirzepatide also promotes weight loss. Tirzepatide does this by signaling the brain that you’re full and slowing the movement of food through your digestive system which helps you feel full for longer.    These medications promote weight loss, allowing you to reach your goals faster. If you have questions or are ready to get started, contact us today.

Methods for Practicing Healthy Lifestyle Changes After Losing Weight

Once you’ve lost weight on Semaglutide or Tirzepatide, it’s important to practice healthy lifestyle changes to maintain the weight loss. If you do not change your lifestyle, then there’s the possibility of you putting the weight back on.    According to this article from the National Library of Medicine, behaviors that contribute to long-term weight loss include frequent self-monitoring, reduced calorie intake, smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day, increased physical activity, more meals at home instead of fast-food meals, and reducing screen time. By incorporating these behaviors into your life, you can maintain the weight loss achieved from Semaglutide or Tirzepatide. Let’s break these methods down.  
  • Frequent Self-Monitoring: To maintain weight loss, you need to keep track of your progress. Just because you’ve reached your goal doesn’t mean you’re done. By regularly checking your weight and tracking your calorie intake, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduced Calorie Intake: The relationship between calories and weight it simple. If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. By increasing physical activity and reducing calorie intake, you can maintain the weight loss progress you’ve made.
  • Increased Physical Activity: The more you move, the more calories you burn. Physical activity, when paired with healthy eating, can be your greatest tool for maintaining weight loss. It can be as simple as regularly going for walks throughout the week.
  • Reduced Screen Time: When you’re on your phone, chance are you’re sitting still. More screen time means less time being active. Also, if you spend too much time on your phone you may find yourself comparing your weight to other people, or even getting too much exposure to marketing for unhealthy foods.

How Can WildBerryMD Help?

  At WildBerryMD, we offer whole-body solutions for weight loss. That means we don’t only help you understand Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and other medical weight loss solutions, but we also help you select exercise and mindfulness plans. Wellness is achieved when your body and mind are working together. With proper coaching, you can achieve your goals faster and maintain your weight loss long-term.

Get Started with WildBerryMD Today

  Are you ready to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes? At WildBerryMD, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and become a happier, healthier version of yourself. As your premier solution for Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and lifestyle coaching in Tucson, we’ll help you every step of the way. Contact us today to begin your journey.