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Your Guide to Gut and Liver Detox

If you are having a hard time losing weight, it might be because of your gut and liver. The digestive system can experience a variety of issues that make it difficult to lose weight, and excess weight can cause fat to build up in the liver, which in turn makes it even more difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Visiting WildBerryMD in Tucson for gut and liver detox treatments is a great way to take control over your health.  
What impacts gut health?
The bacteria in your gut significantly impact your body and its ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Your gut contains hundreds of different types of bacteria, many of which are responsible for producing certain vitamins and helping the body fight off infection. Some of these bacteria can influence how your body digests different foods. This can lead to issues such as food sensitivities and intolerances. Some of these bacteria can also lead to inflammation, which can then result in weight gain and even insulin resistance. Foods that tend to be bad for gut health include those that contain:
  • High levels of sugar. Too much sugar can cause unhealthy bacteria to develop in the gut, making it harder to keep weight off.
  • Artificial sweeteners. Trying to substitute sugar with artificial alternatives may not be a great option, as these ingredients can lead to high blood sugar by reducing levels of certain healthy bacteria in the gut.
  • Unhealthy fats. Trying to substitute sugar with artificial alternatives may not be a great option, as these ingredients can lead to high blood sugar by reducing levels of certain healthy bacteria in the gut.
What causes a fatty liver?
Along with gut health, it is also important to understand how liver health plays a role in weight loss and overall wellness. Fatty liver disease is becoming more and more common here in America, and it is typically caused either by alcohol consumption or a poor diet. In the case of a poor diet, it is referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD. If left untreated, this condition can cause inflammation and eventually lead to liver failure. Poor diet is thought to be the leading cause of NAFLD, including the following foods:
  • Processed foods. These types of foods tend to be high in salt and saturated fats. Consuming too much salt can lead to water retention, while saturated fats can lead to fat buildup around the liver.
  • Sugary foods. Too much sugar is bad for your gut health, and it can also be bad for your liver. High blood sugar levels can lead to more fat building up around the liver.
  • Fried foods. These types of foods are high in fat and sugar, making them a bad choice for your liver.
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How WildBerryMD Can Help
You can learn more about gut and liver health from the friendly medical weight loss coaches and doctors at WildBerryMD. We can get you started with our weight loss detox program that can help your body get rid of toxins that are making it hard for you to lose weight. Other treatment options include our anti-inflammatory diet, vitamin injections, and medical supplements that can restore your gut health, so you have an easier time losing weight and keeping it off. We can determine the root cause of your weight gain and gut issues through food allergy testing, stool testing, thyroid assessments, hormone assessments, and insulin resistance testing. Now is the perfect time to visit WildBerryMD and take advantage of our June specials:
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If you’d like to learn more about gut and liver detox, you can contact WildBerryMD. Our Tucson medical weight loss team can help determine the underlying causes of your weight and gut issues so we can customize your weight loss plan. You can contact us at (520) 762-1557 or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our treatments and services.