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Peptides for Weight Loss, Reducing Inflammation, and Building Muscle

Is it time to make a change in your weight loss efforts and lifestyle? Can’t seem to lose those pounds or get rid of inflammation? WildBerryMD has the key for you. Enter peptides.


Here’s a crash course on these super proteins: peptides are short strings of proteins that can be broken down quicker by the body, making it easier to absorb. Peptides have a slew of benefits, including building strong muscle, and even reducing signs of aging when combined with natural collagen. Certain types of collagen can even aid weight management and fat loss more effectively than just diet and exercise. WildBerryMD has dedicated plenty of time and effort to developing specialized plans for patients based on their individual goals.

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For Fat Loss: AOD
AOD 9604 is an altered form of the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) that has been proven to promote fat burning within the body, without the impulse to overeat. Talk about a perfect match! Fat loss is promoted through oxidation without the need to use hGH receptors. Additionally, AOD 9604 has no negative effects on your blood sugar levels or tissue growth, and has shown positive effects on reducing residual fat stores within the body. AOD 9604 stimulates lipolysis, also known as the breakdown of fat, in order to successfully reduce overall body fat and trigger the release of fat from obese fat cells.  

For Building Muscle: Sermorelin
Sermorelin is a synthetic version of naturally-occurring amino acids that release growth hormones from the pituitary gland. When sermorelin is produced, the body is able to effectively and efficiently promote lean muscle growth. While supporting natural Growth Hormone production, sermorelin can result in improved vitality, energy, and muscle mass.  

For Reducing Inflammation & Repairing Tissue: BPC
Derived from a natural protein in the stomach, BPC is beneficial for treating inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis. BPC, or Body Protection Compound, is composed of 15 amino acids and is known for its regenerative properties. Through accelerating the rate of angiogenic repair, BPC is key to encouraging the formation of new blood vessels and supporting the microvascular network.  

The dedicated team of doctors and health coaches at WildBerryMD is at your service for medical weight loss in Tucson. We will develop an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle and weight loss goals, whether it’s a fat-burning nutrition guide, lipotropic injections, or appetite suppressants. Call us for a customized assessment and kick start your transformation today. Gain success and confidence and lose weight!